Sunday, November 28, 2010

Herbal Update

I think I may have found a winning combination, although I am still a little unsure as I need to wait until the nettle leaves my system. I did discover that fenugreek, blessed thistle and the alfalfa are make a HUGE difference in my supply. I am leaking more than ever, and when Dalton has wanted milk, he has had it. And one thing that I had speculated on but never confirmed: marshmallow root actually reduces my supply! Not by much, but enough to notice. Now that I am not taking I see a difference.

Again, until I am sure the nettle is gone (I took the last 2 yesterday evening) I cannot be positive... but I think this may be the DING DING WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!

And one last thing... I believe that his supplement bottles are now a habit (or choice) at this point. I am not saying I have a full supply... but he always wants them at the SAME time of day, every day. I can nurse him and hear him swallowing for a good 10 minutes, but if it is near the ba-ba time he starts fussing till he gets it. And I have to ask myself... does it matter? Does it really, truly matter at this point? We nurse like we are exclusive.... he still gets the majority from me... other than the expense (which is minimal in comparison to what it could be) there is really no reason for me to make a stink over it. That being said, I still feel odd every time he gets one; a strange mixture of failure, sadness and regret. Sure, the emotions get less intense but they never really subside completely.

In 10 days from now we celebrate 5 months of breastfeeding... amazing.


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