Saturday, November 27, 2010

Without even the slightest prompting or nudging from me he is starting to have longer, uninterrupted sleep! I don't think he stirred more than 4 times last night, and he would only latch on for a few seconds and pass back out. I love it! My boobs, however, do not. I was hurting this morning, soaked and cold. It was awesome! I was so happy to feel full again... I missed that! Crazy part was I had to wake HIM up to nurse! He was nursing away and I dozed off again. He woke ME up by pawing at my face and when I opened my eyes, he was on his belly sitting up proud as a peacock and smiling like a goofer. Exactly the way I want to be woken up every morning! A beautiful happy baby happy to see me. It's precious beyond words.

With all of the research I have done about breastfeeding (and it has been ALOT) I was bound and determined to not introduce solids until he was 6 months old. There are really two sides to this... and I thought I had picked mine but Dalton has gone against the grain as far as Breastfeeding rules are concerned. Who am I to begrudge him the opportunity to try something new? At 19+ pounds and nearly 28 inches long I believe he may be ready for a little more. I know that at this point solids are not about getting full or even needing the nutrition. But he started to really show interest in food a few weeks ago... grabbing for spoons and snatching things off of my plate. We have let him try applesauce and watermelon (just licking it to try the flavor) and he did not balk at all. Wednesday I was making pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving and I thought to myself "what the heck? let the boy try some pumpkin!"  He LOVED IT. He must have eaten 2 tablespoons, smiling and wiggling the whole time. So I baked a sweet potato yesterday and pureed it with breast milk. I think it was a bit too chunky still (note to self: use the food processor next time!) but he seemed to really like it. He was just not too fond of the texture. I think I also picked a bad time to have him try it... it was kinda late and he was tired. So we will try again today. I also picked up some baby oatmeal yesterday. I am not sure I will introduce it just yet... gonna let him lead the way and see how it all goes down!

Regarding my previous post:  I have determined that all things have played a factor in the difference between our relationships. I still feel a bit awkward about it. But I have decided to make a bigger effort at more quality time with Everit especially.This should help alleviate guilt and hopefully help us feel more connected. Ryan on the other hand is so busy doing his own thing... he is doing SO good in school, has his neighborhood friends and of course Everit as his partner in crime. I feel that as of now, he is in good shape emotionally and I will leave it be. Don't try fixing something that isn't broken!~


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