Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I can ditch it and no one cares! LOL...

Been a while. Lots and lots has happened. Nothing I wanna rehash though.

So here I am, thinking I may have done something a little on the dumb side. So me and DH were ya know, doing the deed. And without being to gory, it ended up being a full injection. So to speak. Now, I said to him we should be totally safe! I have not been ovulating until CD 16 or 18 or more, so no worries! I NEVER ovulate early! Ha eh ahhh eh eh meh.

People... I may very well be in the running for a May baby. Lets break down my cycle here:

Spermjection occured on CD 9 (August 18th)

CD 11, I began to have watery CM and cramping and naseua and moodiness and sore boobies and yeah, I REALLY felt like AF was on its way.

The next day, CD 12 I had cramps in the evening (sharp and lo, right side mostly) and then some brown CM... hmmmm?

CD 13 brought more spotting and CM, and all of the same PRE AF symptoms that I had been having since CD 11. Along with feeling exhausted and worn down and extra crampiness.

CD 14 the spotting had subsided, and I moved onto more watery CM. LOTS of CM. The symptoms all subsided.. EXCEPT the crampiness, which became duller but still very there. (OH and we BD this night too... no j'ections tho.)

CD 15 nothing except those weird cramps. Turned into more of a tugging pulling feeling. Cm is now creamy and very abundant.

TODAY: CD 16. MORE of the cramps/pulls/achiness. CM is creamy, abundant, and starting to irritate me.

So.... breaking it down here is what we have: Possible ovulation around CD 12-13. (could be later too, ya know) Sperms can live up to 5 days inside, so catching the egg is a distinct possibilty.

And there is more! This is the MOST intense ovulation I have ever experienced. The symptoms were so pronounced, and this is the first time I have ever spotted during/around O time. Makes me wonder if maybe there was not more than one egg released... I know there is no way to know, lol. But I wonder just the same!

Well, hell. I am gonna do a daily diary of my symptoms. If I am pregnant, than I have a super detailed list of happiness to share (and proof that symptoms CAN and DO occur before that BFP shows)... OR.... this may be nothing but a huge waste of time and effort and I shall be left to feel icky once again.


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