Thursday, August 19, 2010

6 weeks old today!

Here we are! The 6 week mark! I still cannot believe how fast this time has gone... if my pregnancy had flown by this fast I might have considered another..umm.. no lol.

So here is a review of the last 6 weeks...

Dalton still is a terrible BF'er.

I still barely pump enough to give him even 30% of what he needs.

We have battled the following: Thrush, bad latch, tight frenulem, low supply, thrush again, plugged duct, milk blister, more poor pumping output, more low supply, more bad latch, tears, frustration and more.

I have not put him to the breast since yesterday evening. And to be thruthful, I am not sure if I will at all.

I am going to power pump for the next few days in an attempt to get my supply up. I will order the domperidone tomorrow... too bad it takes 7-14 days to arrive.

I will smile and know that I have done my best.

I will cry when I think of my dream shattering before my very eyes.

I will be thankful for the time we shared.

I will try again, even though it may be in vain.

I will look into his eyes at every feeding, bottle or not, and thank the Lord above for a healthy, beautiful child.

I will cry again, most likely.

OOH and on a great note, my right breast is starting to really feel better. That awful ache and pain from the blister (and I believe the clogged duct behind it) has really subsided. It may not be gone completely, but its so much mroe tolerable than it was yesterday. I will keep popping ibuprofin!


Huh... so I have power pumped for 3 hours. I have pumped 4 (5?) times in 3 hours. I have 7 oz of milk to show for it!!!! 7 oz / 3 hours mean 2.3333 oz per hour I am pumping. If Baby can remove more than that, it means that I may be producing 3-4 oz per hour? Lets lowball.. if I can pump 1.5 oz per hour every day (or feed, whatever) then I would be producing 36 oz per day!!!! Low supply my rear end! That's ample!! Not spectacular, but ample. If he were to actually stay active at my breast, there would be NO need to supplement this child whatsoever. If I were to continue to keep my breasts empty, then I would make even more... meaning I may not have a low supply issue at all. What I have is a lazy baby with a crappy latch.

Also, while watching the pump, I notice that I have not only an adequate let down, but a frequent one as well. I let down anywhere between 2-4 times per 15 minute pump. And the milk flows for anywhere from 4-10 minutes. And I mean flows, not just drip drops.

How do I remedy this? How do I get him to be an active nurser?????


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