Monday, August 23, 2010

It doesn't matter. We hit the 6 week mark, we are still breastfeeding no matter how little or much it may be. And we did it.

I am enjoying the relaxation of just feeding him the way I know best. Sometimes its the boob, sometimes its the bottle, sometimes its both. He is NOT lacking in nutrition in any way, and damnit thats the best I can do!

I was very naughty and didn't pump last night. So this morning around 5 when he woke up for his second feed (he was sleepy last night!) I was not as full as I expected to be. I am not sure if it is because I was lazy about pumping this weekend, OR if I am reaching that point that I am not going to feel that engorgement any longer. Either way, it was a bit unnerving. But he ate and ate and ate. And then took another 2 oz of formula. I was a bit frustrated cuz he really fed well from both breasts, but I figured he was extra hungry from sleeping so long. BUT then at 6:30 he was fussing again, and spit up at least the 2 oz I fed him, lol. So I felt a little better! NOT that he spit up, but that he obviously got overfull and he would have been content from my milk had I just let it ride (will i ever learn?) I know he must have done well, because I only got about and ounce when I pumped afterwards. And most of that was from Lefty, who never wants to give up the milk anyway.

The domperidone shipped on Saturday from New Zealand... well according to the email anyway. It says 7-14 days to arrive and I am really hoping its on the lesser end of the estimate. I am very curious to see what this stuff can do for us. I must really be thinking about it, because I dreamed last night I had a rich MIL (some random person, lol) that bought me like $1500 worth of the stuff, lol! The dream was weirder than I care to remember. But that part was cool. I only ordered 100 pills, which will last a mere 10 days if I take 90 mg a day. So I have about 3 days to decide if its working/worth it and need to order more so I don't have a lapse in my schedule. Sure hope it lets me know straight away!

2:00 pm

I think he may done with another growth spurt. He was chomping down 4 oz or so every 2-3 hours (or less) and since this morning has only BF'd (3 times) and got one 4 oz bottle of BM/formula mixed! Hmmm... so either hes not hungry, or we have magically crossed over to "I make enough to feed my Babysville." Huh. Hmmm... ????

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  1. Gwen said...
    I'm just reading your blog now ... wish I had seen this sooner. cause I would have told you to order a LOT more than the 100. I was so sad when mine ran out. I had to use it with Natalie when my supply severely dropped. Got it from Canada. Stuff was AWESOME!

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