Friday, August 13, 2010


Yesterdays nursing went from bad to worse. By the time Andy got home around 6, he was just done latching on altogether. He even bit me!!! And with that little tooth, REOWR did that smart! BUT, I think he just isn't feeling very good. He slept a 6 hour stretch last night, and when he woke up around 3 he was congested and gassy. After he pooed, he spit up almost all of his meal. He ate a little more, spit again, and then again. Poor little dude. I think the combo of stuffies and wind made him very unhappy. After I got him changed and settled he was up every hour after that.

I didn't nurse him at all last night, just pumped. I probably shouldn't take those breaks, but honestly the dissapointment of him not nursing well (or at all) really makes me upset. And I didn't want to feel upset.

This morning I managed to get his nose clear, finally! I can't believe the amount of snot a tiny little baby can hold in their head! He felt much better after that. I am still debating on whether or not to nurse him. Believe it or not, it makes me nervous now. Like a mini anxiety attack just thinking about it. If he rejects it, or just sucks twice and passes out it makes my heart hurt. I KNOW it's not something that I am causing or that he is causing either. It's just the crappy luck we have with BF. But it hurts just the same. I dread the thought of becoming an exclusive pumper, especially with my medeoker milk output.

I posted my troubles on the LLL forums... and of course I get the same old tired advice. Links to Kellymom, clip the frenulum (they don't clip upper frenulums... he wouldn't be able to move his upper lip) and oh try a wet washcloth! After 5 weeks I think I have exhausted every bit of imformation and support in regards to our issue. There is simply nothing left to try, short of the chiropractor. And I just don't think a chiropractor can make my child wake at the breast!


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