Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy 5 weeks Baby Boy!

Wow how the time has flown by. So cliche, I know. But it just blows my mind how quickly they grow.

Last night we had more great sleep! I love that he sleeps good (when not going through the growth spurts, lol.) I really hope he stays this way. I remember 6 weeks was when Everit did his 180 and turned into the non-sleeping monster!

Nursing went good... he is staying latched on longer now. Not much longer, only a few minutes but I call it improvement. I did supplement 2 oz after his feeds, and then he had 3 oz this morning at around 7:30. 5 oz isn't bad at all. I'm not keeping great track, but I think he is getting around 15 oz per day of formula now. Much less then it was!

I know he is getting more BM then formula now by his poo's. They are more yellow and seedy then they were two weeks ago. He is now going only once a day, maybe every other day. But they are profuse when he does, so I know he is still gaining and doing well. Not that he needs to keep gaining LOL! Good heavens he's huge!

Yesterday he rolled over. Not once but twice! From belly to back. It may have been accidental, but it sure looked like he made that choice! I will put him on his belly again today and see what he does.

Oh, and last night, OMG so sweet! He sleeps between me and Daddy at night. Usually he hovers in the middle... but last night he wiggled and wiggled until he got his face right up against my breast, and then fell asleep. He did this every time we layed back down! And this morning, instead of him letting out his HUNGRY! scream, he woke me up by rooting and rooting at my breast trying to nurse my tank top LOL! I thought it was just precious. I cannot wait for his latch to get "normal" so we can lay down to nurse. I can't do it now, he just pulls off my nipple and chews me to death. Hopefully one day!

2:00 pm... what a crap day for nursing. He has slept all day long. Eat sleep eat sleep eat sleep. Not good sleep... unsettled, cranky, half sleep. He won't stay awake at my breast for more than 3 min. (ugh again?) and barely stays awake for the bottle.. but since the bottle is easier he can suck it dry while he is fast asleep. I am getting a little worried, even though I know tommorow he will be spry again, lol. I know its just a few sleepy days, but It's still worrysome. I need to get a pump in, but the boys just don't let it happen. I did manage to get the living room cleaned and somewhat re-arranged though.. I probably should have eaten lol. Maybe I will get some food later and then again maybe not.


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