Wednesday, August 18, 2010

5 weeks 6 days!

OMG I am gonna have a 6 week old tomorrow!

So, I didn't BF much last night (meaning the late night/early morning feeds.) for whatever reason, he latches horribly in the wee hours, and honestly I wasn't prepared mentally or physically to endure that pain. So I bottle fed and pumped, which was just as well. The pump doesn't rub my nip, so when we woke up for real this morning my nip was feeling better. Not great, but better.

I guess that blister was causing me more pain than I realized... even with the open wound it hurts less than when he was latching on previously. Lord I cannot wait until that pain is GONE. It really puts a damper on BF ing for me. I anticipate that pain and start clenching my teeth, lol. So by the end of the day, I have some seriously sore teeth on top of everything else.

He is nippin' and nappin' today. I hate when he does this... I want to pump tp help my supply along but I don't dare as I never know how long he will be out for. Inevitably, if I pump and empty out the girls he will wake up lol. Then he just gets mad cuz the milk is gone and he's not willing to wait around. He is a supply Killa' fo sheezy.

And he's fussin.... off to clench!


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