Tuesday, August 10, 2010

4 weeks 5 days...

So perhaps we turned a corner? He has been nursing successfully since yesterday afternoon! He is eating at least 15 minutes, and he is actually sucking that WHOLE time! Here is what I think changed:

He has been a little congested, but I could not really see anything in his nose, nor could I suck anything out. He didn't seem to be struggling to breathe at all, just making the boogery sounds. Then, a TOTAL DUH Mommy moment occurred! The saline nose drops! I put a few in, and sucked out quite a bit of snot. After that he was nursing great! So this morning I will do it again as I noticed he sounded a like raspy when he woke up. But we nursed all night long and he took maybe 3 oz total all night of formula!! Woot!

We have been up since 7, and have nursed 2 times already, with a few short "comfort" nurses in between. I have not made a bottle yet!

I know he is ready for his morning nap, but he is not really wanting to lay down without me... funny... now that I know he nursed so well, I am actually thinking its just ME he wants rather than more food. I may be wrong, but I hope this is the case!!

I had an appointment with the Lactation nurses today at 2, but I had to cancel it because I don't have anyone to watch the boys. They are allowed to go with me, but last time they were just too much to deal with. They are good boys, but I need to concentrate on me and Dalton rather than telling them to hush the whole time. If things continue to derail, I will make another appointment. But I am cautiously optimistic that we may be finally heading down a good path.

Praying for the best, and prepping for the worst!

11:00 am... after a morning full of BF'ing he is now sleeping soundly. No bottle as of yet! I hope he is sleeping from being full and content, rather than hungry and exhausted. I felt good about BF this morning... he was doing his on and off sucking and sleeping pattern, but I was simply more patient about it than I have been. If this is the way he nurses, then so be it. I guess I am so desperate to have a quick, successful feeding session that I am calling failure without realizing that he is going to BF the way He wants. And like I have been reminded over and over, he is still very very young and we are still learning.

On a good note, I do have renewed faith that I will be able to get to 6 weeks. And then 7, and then 8. ANd God willing, many many more!

1:30 pm... He napped until about 11:30, so an hour total. We nursed and nursed until almost 1:00. I put him down for maybe 20 minutes that whole time (and managed to get dishes done, lawn sprinkler moved, and feed the boys in that 20 minutes!) He was still hungry though :( I made a bottle of 2 oz BM and 3 oz formula. He sucked it down. I put him in the swing and I *think* he may actually be sleeping for a little longer this time. Lord I hope so. I really need to pay attention to Everit. He is starting to lose it.

WOWEE! A 2.5 hour nap out of little man! Soo happy! I got a shower, and did a bunch of things that needed done. Huzzah!
When he woke up we nursed, and he was content after that for close to an hour! Then we nursed again and I topped him off with about 2 oz of formula. He was super happy and chilled all evening long till Daddy got home. I nursed him again, for about 30 minutes, and then Andy asked to feed him. I had a moment... looking at Andy feeding him and realized that yes, supplementing is not ideal BUT... look how awesome it is too see him with his Daddy. Andy was singing him a song very quietly. I got teared up watching them together.

About 8:30 he was fussy, So I nursed on my left and he stayed there about 10 minutes before passing out for his first (hopefully) long stretch of the night. I am debating whether or not I should get a pump in... I may just rouse him before I go to bed to empty out righty.

All in all, a successful day.


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