Saturday, September 25, 2010

I reached out...

.. and many many thanks to GJ Caring Hands Doula Service for posting my blog link to her page. I really really hope that my story can encourage even ONE mom to stick with breastfeeding. I will also be composing my breastfeeding story and offering it to her for use. I am SO excited that story may be able to reach someone!!!

And some kind of exciting news this morning! Dalton slept an 8 hour stretch (OMG YES!) and then another 2 hours after that! WOOHOOO!!  When I woke up from the first run, I was full, but I did not feel overly full.I was a bit disappointed. I had hoped to be in pain (how stupid is that?) But he ate and ate and ate from both sides. It was about 25 minutes total... and he fell back asleep.

When he got back up at 6:30 we nursed again... he only nursed about 10 minutes on righty, and we went to the living room. I sat him down, and toook a chance and made some coffee.. what? No crying?  I made a bottle because, SURELY he will be starving to death. I nursed him on lefty, one more time on righty (about another 15 minutes total) and then we burped and played a bit. What? NO Crying? OK OK I though. I guess he is just feeling jovial this morning. SURELY he is starving to death. Offered him the bottle. REFUSE. WHAT? Offered it again. He took it, sucked once, all the milk dribbled out of his mouth and he smiled at me. OK he's just into playing. SURELY he is starving to death. Offered it up after a little more play time. NOW he's crying. And refusing the bottle. And fussing. SURELY this child is SO starved, that he cannot even muster the energy to take the bottle. I give up... and put him on the boob again. I will just let him fall asleep and maybe he can regain some energy and eat later. He eats for another 6 minutes or so..pops off ON HIS OWN and smiles.And laughs. And is playing. And 20 minutes, 1 cup of coffee, and a blog later, my SON is still playing on his own happy as a clam and is IN FACT NOT STARVING TO DEATH.

I love you Dopmeridone. I love you.

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