Wednesday, September 29, 2010

nursing session ever! He was just so calm and content... we nursed for a good hour. We were in postions were have never tried before, and he really seemed to enjoy just bring near me. As did I. I laid back on the couch and he kind of laid on top of me in the cradle positon. At first I was all nerved up trying to hold his head and what not, and then I just let him go on his own. He latches on beautifully now. He just made his own way, nursed till he was done. We did have to top off, but thats ok. If he keeps nursing like that I will have so much more milk!

So what was the difference? Well I see now. It was ME. Not him...ME. I was calm and relaxed. I wasn't worrying about laundry or cleaning or making dinner. Everit was content doing his thing... we even read a couple of  books while he was nursing. It was just SO nice not to have to put time constraint on what we were doing.

Oh and I ordered the movie BABIES. Very cute movie... Everit really enjoyed it too.


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