Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OWWW! My butt...

Totally OT and TMI, but my ass hurts... moving on...

I *think* me and my pump are starting to come to terms with each other. I am learning how to make it work for me, and in exchange, pump is doing its job of removing milk. It is still hesitant to take alot, BUT this morning even after BF I got 3 oz. Not too shabby... of course I had to work for it lol. And this may be the result of the DPD as well.

So I stand with two very frustrating issues at the moment (ok, three if you count these stupid hemmies!)

1. Daltons latch. Righty got sore from the that duct, and I am in a cycle I can't seem to escape from. Now its UBER painful to nurse again, which makes it hard for me to relax, which makes it hard for him to relax, and there you have it. Not so successful sessions at the moment. In addition to that, he decided to stay all cracked out yesterday and didn't nap for nearly 9 hours. And last night was not so great for sleep. So he is overtired and nippin'and nappin'. It kills my boobies. He needs a good 3 hour nap and to wake up fully hungry and awake. Tired Dalton has a killer latch!

2. Lefty. Dalton is all but refusing lefty now. I try every time, and he just pulls and tugs and fusses and cries and fusses and pulls and tugs. Now the girls have never been of equal size, no not even with implants. Lefty has always been sad and small and awkward (hence the reason I got the boobs in the first place!!!) But the size difference has now become painfully obvious. She keeps making milk though, despite being brutally rebuffed. Poor Lefty. Always been in second place.

Everyday, something new to stress over.

Oh and I am gonna do a pump/feed check in today. I wanna see if the DPD is making a difference at all. Today I will nurse and pump and see what's shakin'. I will also record his formula intake so I get an idea. Tomorrow I may do just a straight pump day..still not sure about that!

So here goes 9 am to 9 am (24 hour)

PUMPING OUTPUT (with nursing)

9 am   = 3 oz

10 am = 1.5 oz

1 pm  = .5 oz


1:15 pm  3 oz formula, 1 oz EBM


11:00 am 5 minutes (then 4.5 oz EBM)

12:00 10 minutes (8 for righty, 2 for lefty)

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  1. Mary L. said...
    LOL @ your butt hurting - I feel your pain (or uh, well, "felt" it) ~ mine hurt for like a month after I had Hannah. Guess it was from all that sitting down to BF! Owie!

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