Thursday, October 14, 2010

It would appear...

that my child is completely normal.

I have posted about his fussy crazy nursing before... and I could always attribute it to low milk supply... frustration on his part. THEN I thought well, here's the milk and WOW it must be letting down too fast. Frustration for him yet again.

and After researching and reading other experiences I believe that YES it is normal nursing behavior. Looks like alot of babies just fuss and pull and talk and whine at the breast. I guess it is because of all the afore mentioned reasons... maybe the milk is too ample when they just want to comfort nurse. Maybe its too slow when they are particularly hungry. Maybe they sucked in some air and have to burp. Maybe they are just being little pills because they can.

Either way you look at it... my baby is normal and so is our nursing relationship! So fuss on my boy, fuss on... I am ok with that. As long as you keep nursing for as long as you want then I am a happy camper!

I think I have decided to purchase a nursing necklace. I have to run it past Andrew first, but Daltons little hands are just all over the place. He is starting to pull away whenever he hears his brothers voices, or catches a glimpse of something he wants to check out. I think the necklace is really made for babies just like him!

Here is the one I want:

Now to justify the purchase!  MUAHAAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


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