Monday, October 18, 2010

My new herbal regimen...

Now I love me some DPD... and I love what it can do. But it is such a slow acting medication. You get small bursts of milk production around the week marks. And apparently, at 6 weeks of being on the meds it all levels out and you get what you get. If this is true, then I am definitely never going to be an EBF Mom. As I have said before, I am going to accept BF for what it is. But I am driven to do all I possibly can to make DAMN sure I did my absolute best to make this happen for us. And when he weans I want to look  back and know I tried my hardest.

So I was taking Fenugreek 4x3 and Blessed Thistle 4x3. I did some more research and found I could up that dosage safely, which I did. I also purchased Alfalfa and Marshmallow Root. So, here is my regimen currently:

DPD 4x4
Fenugreek 4x4
Blessed Thistle 3x4
Marshmallow Root 3x4
Alfalfa 2x4

64 individual little pills and capsules. Damn. That's alot of herbs. But if it makes a difference in my milk production then its worth it to me....

And how is it going you ask?

Well I started this Friday morning. I have been diligent about taking them. I didn't notice anything remarkable, but with the party and all I was a bit distracted. Yesterday afternoon I was holding Dalton... just playing with him and whatnots. It wasn't even 1.5 hours after I fed him last (we had a marathon nursing day, it was nice.)  I put him down and Andy said, "Uh babe.. look at your shirt." I looked and WHAT WHAT? BOTH breasts were leaking. NOT just Lefty, Righty too. And I was NOT engorged, did not have any of my normal reasons to be leaking!!!  Which means.... ummm... I don't have a freaking clue what it means. But I was stoked! I really am hoping that meant there is more milk being made! Of course, it could just be that I am finally tuning in with Daltons needs. I am not as convinced of the latter though.... I feel as though I have been in tune with my baby since he was conceived! It is so very odd. But I think it's yet another "normal" thing to leak at random and curious times. Hooray for normal breast behavior!!!! (Did I just type that?)


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