Monday, October 25, 2010

OOOH a mystery on my blog. I woke up with a sore spot on righty. Its on the side of my breast. When I look at it it looks like 3 fingerprints. Now, when we side lay at night to nurse I hold my breast up for him. I really think I must have fell asleep last night and kind of bruised my breast a little by laying on it. I don't feel ill (although I was very very ill Saturday night, but I am sure that was food related.) My letdown is not affected thus far. I just pumped an ounce after feeding so all systems are go. I am gonna watch it today, and take advantage of my pump. I plan on power pumping/nursing to be proactive just *in case.* Kellymom says that if you catch mastitis early enough, pumping and nursing can remove the infection before antibitoics are needed. Praying this is the case for me. I KNEW this weekend at the Grandparents was gonna be a killer on my breastfeeding schedule.... ALTHOUGH...

I NURSED at the garage sale. In front of everyone, strangers and family alike. I just threw a blanket over us and went for it. I was SO stinking proud of myself! But it was busy and we really did not nurse enough this weekend. He was feisty at the breast yesterday and twice I had to cave into formula again because he was simply too impatient to wait for a letdown. He has his moments. I know the oddity of the schedule caused some issues for him.

And with my power pumping today I am starting a freezer stash. I have always just supplemented him with the fresh milk. But here we are barely taking any formula (7-10 oz now baby!) and I think its a great time to build up a stash. Andy and I are having a night together on November 15th for the CLUTCH concert!  FREAKING WOOT!  And I would be SOO stoked to have only breastmilk for Dalton to enjoy while we are gone for those 7 or so hours!  REMINDing myself to test the waters in a week or so and make sure he will drink defrosted milk... I know some babies are not down with the flavor.


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