Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So had my appointment this morning. First of all, BP is down which is great. Stil higher than normal at 139/84, but better.

My doc on the other hand is still being very odd, and I wish he would go back to normal. He just doesn't seem concerened about anything anymore. And it bothers me terribly. NOT that I am having some huge emergency pregnancy, but I have concerns, and I just feel like I am not being listented to.

THEN we go to schedule the pre op with the C section doc, and he denies me because i supposedly owe money. So I call, and come to find out they billed the wrong insurance two years ago!!! So who knows if that will get resolved or not? I think I may be screwed.

Maybe Doc will have to let me have a VBAC now. Or maybe I just need to switch docs alltogether. I dunno... im too fucking emotional to make any sound decisions these days.

Either way, the baby comes out eventually. Maybe not as soon as I hoped, Maybe I will get all the way to July. I may lose my fucking mind before then, but whatever. Its SO out of my control at this point.

Bitter you say? Do I sound like that? Well, I am. I wont lie. i am done being pregnant. I dont want to wait another 8 weeks. I get sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

I need a fucking xanax and a beer.


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