Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4 weeks 6 days!

Woohoo! Sleep! HOLY moly did we sleep! Got a 5 hour stretch, then a 3 hour stretch, then ANOTHER 3 hour stretch after that!

Honestly, I can't remember how many Oz's he took last night lol... I think maybe 5 total? Its blurry, we were in sleepy heaven!

The 3 am and 5 am BF sessions were frustrating. He was too tired and/or lazy to latch on good. He kept doing his old latch of licky licky licky my nipple. Makes me WONKY when he does that. That flicking feeling is so annoying. So I fed him till my patience wore out, and topped him off after that. I was gonna pump, but I opted for sleep instead lol.

This morning at 9 when we woke up, he fed pretty well from both sides. He got another 2 oz after that. Then we fed again around 11 ish... no supplement this time. We rolled to the grocery store and fed when we got back around 1, and another 2 oz formula. From 1:45 till about 2:30 we nursed on and off, and he is now in the swing sleeping.

I guess he is in growing mode! All that food he ate last week is now getting used up to grow grow grow! I am thankful that the eating phase is done for a bit... thats exhausting like nothing else can be.

Oh, and the ding dang thrush is back again. Glad doc gave us a HUGE bottle of Nystantin. I think we are gonna battle this for the duration...

And finally.. this is odd but here goes. At the end of my pregnancy, I noticed that I had developed a bump on my right nipple. It looks like a blister. It really has not bothered me at all with nursing or otherwise. I was reading online about milk blisters, saw a pic and went WHOA! That's MY blister exactly! Now how odd is it that I got it before I nursed, and it still has not bothered me, nor popped? I tried the hot compress and nursing thing yesterday, but it didn't do anything at all.. so I decided that I will have my doc take a look at it next Tuesday at my 6 week checkup. If it is a plugged duct, I would like for him to open and drain it if possible... Maybe that's the ONE duct that will bring my supply to fruition, lol. I know hopeful thinking! I sure don't wanna have to heal from it, but if I can bring more milk to my baby, then so be it!


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