Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Knockin' on wood!

Crossin' my fingers and sayin' a prayer! But so far NO THRUSH. The nipple pain was apparently from a crappy BF session we had. 

So I hit the official 6 week mark yesterday. And, I got to say the milk was abundant.. I feel like I did get that last little boost. I am out of herbs, but did manage to get a bottle of fenugreek thank goodness. And a whole dollar cheaper at the grocery store than at the Vitamin cottage... imagine that! 

I am also REALLY starting to toy with the idea of Goats Rue and Shatavari. I haven't got any money to buy just yet, but I am researching its safety with the DPD and it's possible effectiveness.

Ok boring post today.  Sorry bout that......  but I can MORE than make up for it with THIS:

MY NEWSEST BLOG!!  PUT IT IN AN OMELETTE!!!!  Click it baby! And allow your hottest, wildest omelet dreams come to the surface!  YAY!! 


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