Friday, November 12, 2010

And so did I... I have totally abandoned this blog in lieu of the Omelet.  In my defense, there has been really nothing noteworthy going on in the breastfeeding department. Until yesterday that is!

Remember my posting about the kind stranger who took a chance on me and sent me the DPD? Well she contacted me again and has a few boxes for sale in addition to some herbs. She was kind enough to ask me first... and I am just SO thankful for her kindness. She is giving it all to me at a VERY fair price. Our financial situation is rather dire at the moment, so this is going to be the biggest blessing we have had in a while.

I have not had any herbs at all for almost a week. Not by choice, but by lack of option. My supply was doing remarkably well until last night when I noticed a sharp decline. I think they finally all left my system and I am just now taking the hit. Thankful today is payday and I can get back on the regimen again. But Dalton has not yet increased his supplement demands, so I am keeping the old supply above water (so to speak.)

With the cold Ryan gave me, and Dalton's all night nursing demands I am more tired than I want to admit. I am trying to stay on top of everything, but more often than not I am zoning out during the day. I feel sluggish and fat and all around crap-a-doodle. I know these nights won't last forever, but I am SO ready for a nice long stretch of good sleep. I am even considering maybe putting him in the pack and play next to the bed. Perhaps all of Andy and I's wiggling around is waking him up? I really do not know. I am trying SO hard to be patient and understanding... this attachment parenting thing is really all new to me.

Last night I had a cruel twist of fate... a migraine headache that set in around 8 o clock. I stayed up with Andy to watch a movie we had been dying to see (Grown was hilarious!) and then got to bed by 10. My head was pounding pretty good by then. Well as luck would have it, Dalton was up at 11:30 and beyond. The pounding was SO bad... at 1 am ish I was in tears. Dalton let out an ear piercing scream and I just folded. I had Andy walk him around to keep him calm while I gathered myself to nurse. Thankfully by 3 am the pain was manageable. I HATE migraines. I am blessed that they are short in comparison to many, but I would rather not have them at all. I used to get maybe one a year? I think this is my 3rd this year so far. I hope that us a fluke and not an uptrend.

Here is to a productive as possible day with as many smiles as I can paint on!


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