Friday, August 28, 2009

CD 19

Well so much for being irritable. Well, I still am, but today is cry day. I cried when I dropped Ryan off to school... I cried on the shower when I ran out of conditioner, lol.

Symptoms Check!

Backache... check

Crampy feeling... check

Sore BB's... check

Nausea!... back again and check

Achy hip joints... new and check

Creamy cm... check and check

So I have POAS a few times... I see the faintest (and I mean faintest) possible line you can imagine. But its there just the same. Its not enough to make me call it, by any means., But it does give me the faintest glimmer of hope. And I cannot POAS again until Monday, which is good lol.

Praying that this is a good weekend. I just dont need another downer. Sunday is the 3 month Anniversary of Taylins death. Great. Looking forward to that one.


  1. Leigh Anne said...
    a line is a line joee, no matter how faint. i need pics for proper analysis :)
    Joee said...
    ROFL... the pics are a no go. I have tried and tried to get what I see to show, lol.. it DOES not. I am testing way to early, and want this WAY to bad to trust anything faint! LOL!

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