Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CD 17

CD 17, 3-4 DPO (who really ever knows, right?)

Woke up raging irritated this morning. I have a bad attitude, and no patience for anyone or anything. Say a little prayer for my kids...they may need it today.

That dull ache/twinge/pull is still there, ever present. I STILL feel like AF should be here right now. Like I have everything BUT the bleeding part. The tummy ache, the backache, the irritability.

OH and I woke up to two nice big zits on my chin, lol. Yeah, this is by far the strangest cycle of my life.

Last night I got up twice to pee. This morning I was hurting I had to pee so bad!

So, to be clear about this... I hope I am pregnant, of course. But if I am not this journal will speak volumes about the possibility that my fibroid(s) are indeed wreaking havoc on me, and there may be a need for medical intervention. I know most docs stay lax about them... knowing they will go away on their own. But, if this thing is big enough to cause a second tri miscarriage, and mimic pregnancy symptoms during a non-pregnant cycle, then it is my humble opinion that there may be a need for some sort of surgery/medication to get rid of them (it).

MY freaking boobs are freaking leaking people. Yes... sore nips started a few hours ago... I look down and WTF? I have drops of liquid!


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