Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another apology...

Yeah So I can't seem to keep my blog updated to save my life. I must be boring. LOL... no I KNOW I am boring. But I digress....

Things have changed dramatically yet again in my life, only for the good this time.

On October 30th, 2009, we discovered I was pregnant again! Thank you Lord! Another chance at completing the family we love so dearly. And ironically enough, It was a TWIN cycle with Everits pregnancy. LMO (last menstrual period) was on October 7th... and due date is July 15th! My dear doc, who has delivered a buttload of babies said he has never in his career seen someone have two identical cycles! Cool!

We had an ultrasound at around 9 weeks. ONE Baby looked good and healthy. All checkups since then have proved to have a heartbeat. VERY VERY hard to find heartbeat, but there and strong.
On February 11th, we will have our BIG ultrasound to find out what we are having!!! All signs point to BOY. I would LOVE a girl, but I will take what the good Lord gives. He knows best! And to be a Mom to 3 princes would be an honor indeed!

I am 17 weeks tomorrow... and so far I have been a giant ball of nerves about this pregnancy. The worst part by far is the lack of movement. I SWEAR I could feel the boys much more by this time. The bumps are few and far between. I try SO hard not to read into it.. I could feel Taylin SO strong before I lost her... and heck she wasn't even big enough to make a dent! I have a feeling I am mentally blocking this out until we see this baby on the US moving and squirming. Once I can relax and know that this baby is here to stay, I may feel some more.

AND!!! WE MOVED!!! OMG WE MOVED!!! A cute little 3 bed 2 bath on the North end of town. Perfect for our family. Great, quiet little neighborhood. Ryan started at a new school yesterday. and I think this is gonna be SUCH a good thing for him. Its a fantastic school with very organized, accomplished teachers. He is in a class that is a mix of both 1st and 2nd graders, so he will have that opportunity to advance and fulfill his already immense potential.

The last 6 months have been the most trying of my life. I will save that for another post, as I have so many feelings about what I endured and what I learned, and what problems I caused for myself and my family.

So, here's to another fresh start. Praying the peace stays around for a good long while.


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