Monday, October 26, 2009

Flippin FLAPPIN Mondays!

Ugh. I do hate Mondays. And the funny thing is, when we decided I was to be a SAHM, I thought the weeks and days would no longer matter. HAHA!! I still feel the pain of the Monday.

This morning Ryan was as stubborn as ever (have I ever mentioned how much I HATE having to get him up and ready for school?) He refused to get out of bed, and when he did he decided to move at a snails pace and change his clothes twice. THEN he thought he needed to spike his hair. I obliged, letting him know that he may in fact be late to school and I was NOT going to write him an excuse for it. He took the chance. So I did it. And he hated it. So HE did it. And it looked like something out of a bad 80's joke. All mullety and ugh, so bad. I had to tell him! I mean, really... no respectable Mother would let her child go to school looking like that. Well, I was as gentle as I could be, but it was devasating to him none the less. So I took a deep breath, drank a giant gulp of coffee and just went away. He fixed his hair again. It was not as bad as the first Doo, however I still had to squint my eyes when I looked at it. I think in the real world, thats called compromise. In a parents world, its called defeat. Ryan 1, Mom 0.


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