Friday, February 12, 2010


The title is indeed a play on words.... because we are expecting our THIRD beautiful baby BOY!!! I could NOT be more pleased!!!
He was simply adorable. I don't think I have never had an US be so much fun before. I was so thrilled to see his perfect healthy little body, SO enthralled by the fact he was indeed alive and well that I had no choice but to revel in the glory of being a mom again! Praise GOD hes healthy!!
He is laying transverse in my belly, which is why only my right side yields any activity. And probably why I keep having intermittent side pain. Hes got his feet jammed up in every crevice possible! And, as you can see from the picture, he has an amazing personality already. Simply adorable. He kicked and moved and wiggled all over. So much so that it was tough for the tech to get good shots lol... he was moving so much!
So my placenta is low, as always! No matter this time though...C section is nigh! He measured about 19 weeks and she estimated 1/2 lb!!
I am in love love love with this baby boy. I can tell already hes gonna be my cuddler. I can feel that from him. I have nothing but positive thoughts and feelings now. We have passed the scary stage, and am now free to enjoy the magic of this pregnancy!


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