Wednesday, May 13, 2009

(Copied from my post on Pregnancy.ORG)
I decided to sign up for every baby related product I can possibly think of. I want to see how many coupons, samples, and freebies one can actually get from signing up on these websites! Join me on my journey!

DISCLAIMER! I am in no way affiliated with or promoting any websites for personal gain or otherwise! These are just helpful links to help all moms save some money and get cool free stuff!!!

What I did:

*I only signed up on the actual company website for the product. NEVER EVER click on the "sponsored links". Those are all phishing websites that put adware on your computer.

*I unclicked the "recieve offers from other companies" box whenever available. It just leads to more spam in your inbox.

*I never ever fill in the phone number box... its hardly ever a required thing, and I dont need sales people calling at dinner time! Only exception was if I signed up for a reputable sweepstakes.

*I signed up for every "Newsletter". It may fill up the inbox, but you never know what they might send!

*If available, I also signed up for the cataloges. Something fun to look through at least, and now they have my addy to send me free stuff!

*Safety First! If anything looked suspicious or a little OFF, I did not sign up... I want to get a good idea of whats available, but I am not crashing my computer to do it!

*Check out your local grocers websites too! Some of them have baby reward programs.

*Some sites don't offer a "promotion" type section, but its still available! You usually just need to create an account by clicking the "Login" button. But don't do it if they ask for Credit Card info! (unless you are buying something).

*Many of these sites have printable coupons (pretty good ones too!) so dont wait around for them to mail you something! Print that off! The Sites I checked out:
California Baby
Aveeno Baby
Luvs and THIS
MunchkinThe Bump (a rewards card)
Motherhood Maternity
Fisher Price

If anyone has any more companies they can think of let me know! I will check em out and add the link here!

Hope this yields some good results!

I will update my blog as I recieve any freebies, coupons, or what have you's! Hooray for a project!

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  1. Leigh Anne said...
    i totally did this when i was pg w/ sydney...i get tons of email & mail coupons...i didn't do all those sites, but i think i will now :)

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