Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finding my way...

in this world... trying to find my place. I am blessed beyond belief. I do not have things of value, monetary value that is. I have love, family, children, and friends. That is all we need. No, you cannot buy a burrito by cashing in a family member. But when you cannot afford that burrito, there will be someone there to help you.

I love the Lord. I have HIM in my life, and I am blessed by him.

I want to be part of something. I want to help. I have a feeling that I am needed by someone. I may know that person, or I may not. But I will be of some help to them somehow.

I have questions that need answered. And I know there are others that have questions as well.

Lord bless me today with the knowledge and tools I need to do your work. Allow your presence to fill me, so that I can share your love with others. As a friend of mine reminded me today.... "Let my little light shine." ;)


  1. Leigh Anne said...
    joee. how i wish we lived closer. i just know we'd be great friends. you are an inspiration to me!
    Joee said...
    Awww! Me too Leigh Anne! Me too... you and Deidre are some of the best friends I ever had to he honest. One day we will get to meet, i hope!

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