Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Birthday America!

With so many changes going on every many negative things happening this may be one of the most meaningful Fourths I have celebrated. I know that America is in a bad way right now. We as a nation, have no faith in anything. Not our President, not our economic system, and hell lets not be coy, have we EVER trusted politics and government? We fear the middle east, we fear our dependence on THEIR oil (which we don't need, but that's another blog for another day.) We fear North Korea (in my opinion, they SHOULD be feared.) And all the while we are back slipping, further and further away from the very principles that our country was founded on! Gone is morality. Gone is the Christan, God Fearing beliefs we have known to be true from the beginning. The devil has his hooks in our great country.

Now, I am not at all upset that this is happening. The Bible prophesies all of this and more. I see it as one step closer to the end. Its scares me, of course. I do not want my children to suffer. I do not want my family to suffer. But I am ok with being that much closer to meeting my Lord.

A few weeks ago, I engaged in a debate with some agnostics/atheists/non believers. (Everything quoted is paraphrased and generalized, not direct quotes.) I was quite shocked by their feelings towards Christianity. They despise it. They feel that it is a religion that has been ruling people with fear for centuries. Well, LOL, YES! It is a fear based religion! Fear of God and his wrath, fear of Hell! Their general consensus was, "I don't want to feel bad about what I do..." so they do as they please. Not saying they are wicked, not at all. They are all Moms and wives, doing their best. But somewhere along the way they gave up on being "good." And felt repressed by the ties of organized religion. Its these people, i think, that need our prayer the MOST!!

And this is the nutty part: When asked what they fear, here was their response "We fear that maybe we are wrong, there really IS a God, and we will have to suffer the wrath for not believing." WHA WHA WHAAAT? They claim that Christianity is the "easier" path to take, because our lives our planned out for us, and we always have support from prayer, the Bible, church, etc... well, I disagree about the easy part lol. Its quite difficult to be a Christian. It's very hard to let go of yourself, your worries and fears and needs and put them into the hands of a being you have never laid eyes on. Not to mention all the while you are completely bombarded by thousands upon thousands of thousands of immoral visual images, auditory views, from TV, billboards, schools, advertising, false churches, "progressive" religions, media, books, literature, Internet..... (breathe!)

I think it would be MUCH easier to be an atheist/agnostic. You reap the benefits of doing as you please. You are not forced to follow a moral guideline. No one makes you get up and go to church. You do not have to learn any hymns, donate your time to someone who needs you, make a casserole for a sick person you have never met. And best of all? You don't have to pray! Woohoo! Nope, you can just do what you want, pretend that being a good person will get you where you need to be in the afterlife, and skate on through. Oh, except for that pesky voice in your head screaming you will burn in hell. But xanax could probably take care of that, right?

I know that sounded harsh, and I didn't mean it to. I am not bashing any ones beliefs, as it is not my place to judge at all. Yes, I think they do have a hard road ahead of them. But its not the life they lead here. On earth, they are now the majority. Their beliefs (or lack there of) are now the "in thing" and they are welcomed with open arms by most. Their hard part is coming soon. That's the judgement. That is why they need our prayer. They need our prayer because there is a part of them that KNOWS deep down there is something working behind the scenes, and they KNOW that to be the very God they rejected. And our God is an awesome God. He will give them that chance to repent. He will see their souls, and know their hearts. And if they are true. they will be saved.

So on this Fourth of July, I will pray for the souls of the confused. I will pray that those who still have an opportunity to be saved will be approached by someone who can show them the way back home. I will pray for the politicians that still have a shred of morality left in them. And I will pray for troops who have been fighting this war so valiantly.

Gos Bless America.


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