Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh my swiffer, how I love thee...
You save my back and aching knee.
The mop is wet and heavy and soiled,
but with you, sweet swiffer, my efforts are not foiled.

Your pads have velcrow, your spray is effective.
You may be pricey, but I am objective.
I gladly exchange a few AA's, to ditch the old skool janitor ways.

I often dream of you in my hand,
Killing bacteria all over the land!
If I were not human, or you not a tool,
I am sure we would make prom court at school.

It is to you, valiant swiffer, that I give all my toils.
Dancing in my arms as you clean my spoils.
I am sure you come from the closet above...
straight from heaven to mop with love.

Much love Swiffer....


  1. Leigh Anne said...
    Deidre said...
    You made me LOL at work...shame on

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