Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yesh! It was phenomenal! Who knew that a quite bathroom and no slippery babies or needy Kindergartners could bring so much joy to one person? I even got to *gasp* shave my legs! HA! That's a rare occurrence, let me tell you! Hell, I won't lie. The fact that i showered at all is amazing, lol. It seems to be the one luxury you must give up as a parent. Stay at home parent, specifically. All the "downtime" when kids are at school and napping is slated for the important things like:
By the time you blink again, it is 5 and the hubbys on his way home and you realize you forgot to lay out the meat! (I mean for dinner, you dirty birdies!)

So I have no plans today except to do the things I deemed unnecessary yesterday... which would be the afore mentioned tasks. Maybe I will even get out in the yard for a bit! I need to do so much out there, mostly the rose bushes who have now claimed their own zipcode. Rascally bushes... I hate those things! One or two is fine, but a whole fence line is OUT of control. I cannot wait to own my own home! Do the things I wanna do! Pull out the bushes I think suck!

Off to find my deodorant... and some undies! Cuz Im bloggin NEKED!


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